Activating The Power Of God’s Word – Part II




Guest: Kyle Winkler

Ways To Speak God’s Word
We can stand on the promise of God’s Word and activate its power to tear down strongholds, win spiritual battles and ultimately transform our lives.
1. Declarations – The way to stand on a promise in God’s Word is to announce it over your life or situation. Declarations are about aligning your faith with God’s will, which is found in His Word.
2. Commands – Jesus offers us the authority to command the impossible situations in our lives to go. God requires the pairing of the spoken Word with faith –the positive expectation that God’s Word will happen.
3. Confessions – A confession is acknowledging the truths of Scripture to assure ourselves of who God says we are and what He says we have. Confessions are effective to change your thinking, which then changes your behavior, which eventually transforms your life.