Baby Steps – I’m Diagnosed, Now What?

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This resource is designed to assist anyone who has had the unfortunate diagnosis of any type of terminal illness. This resource will help you get through those first couple of extremely stressful days. It will also help you plan for the path which will change drastically in days to come.

If this is not a resource that you may need, I suggest you grabbing a couple of copies for friends, family and even business associates. We all know someone who has had the unfortunate conversation and we do not always have the proper words to say. This resource will help both you and them.




Guest:  Tyrus J. Hinton

Tyrus Hinton has been providing emotional support to families for the last 18 years. His approach to assist families with the healing process after any terminal diagnosis has proven to be effective. His understanding of the many transitions a family must work through has been most helpful. He has experienced terminal diagnosis of one of his children and survived a cancer diagnosis of his own. Tyrus along with his family continue to visit families in hospitals throughout the east coast through Hinton Cares Foundation, a non-profit organization which provided emotional support to families battling newly diagnosed terminal illnesses. Each family is sure to receive some uplifting words and a care package to make their hospital stay a little more comforting. We provide support during diagnosis, hospital stays, treatment sessions, hospice, grief support and follow up.

Tyrus also serves as an Associate Pastor at where he providessupport to the Senior Pastor and Pastoral care to the congregations.

His personal and Foundations motto is “Doing what we can, while we can!”