Fact Sheet – True Wealth Part II




What Is Your Assignment?

What if you still aren’t sure what your assignment is from the Lord?  How will you find it?  I believe that God will use the everyday circumstances of your life and your employment to speak to your heart.  He will woo you or nudge you in the direction you can serve Him best.  He will let you know what area of commerce you are called to, and beyond that, what ministry in which you will affect the greatest change in the world for the kingdom of God….What is your kingdom assignment?  What has been or is burning in your heart today?  What are your dreams and which mountain do you wish to conquer for Him?  What ideas keep you up at night?  What destiny is calling your name.  God call us into ventures, and is willing to work miracles to assist us in getting here, but we still have to sow diligence, hard work, faith , patience, perseverance and courage into the land of promise.  Know what you are fighting for and recognize that your assignment is greater than you are, greater than and dream you can conjure up for yourself.  It’s worth the fight and it’s worth the risk.

+++Taken from True Wealth: How to Fulfill Your Dreams Without Losing Your Soul by Mani Erfan+++