Get off Your Own Back: Confront Your Myths with Reality


We feel what we feel and do what we do because we believe what we believe! Unfortunately, many of our beliefs are based on myths rooted in falsehoods. This life- changing book arms you with the reality of God’s Word and will destroy the myths that rob you of your personhood.



Author:  Dr. Freda V. Crews

Get Off Your Own Back was written in 1997 by Dr. Freda V. Crews.  At the time, Dr. Freda Crews, Host of Time For Hope TV and Pastor of Hope For Living Media Church, was a Licensed Professional Counselor.  She is now a Nationally Certified Counselor.  We discovered we have a good supply of her book and Dr. Freda believes that truth holds through time and the truths of her book still remain and can complement the New Year’s Resolutions she has shared on Time For Hope.