Jesus Is – Devotions Empowered By Biblical Statements Of Faith

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How Well Do You Know Who Jesus Is?

It would take more than a book this size―more than a million books this size―to answer every question you have about him. But you’d be surprised what you can learn, just by spending a few minutes a day with one verse of Scripture and these crisp, concise explanations. From Jesus’ power to his patience, from his greatness to his grace, from his fiery awe to his sweet forgiveness, he is more than we can fathom, yet more than eager to open our heart and mind to his. So for some good, biblical theology that never weighs you down, settle in to this book of solid answers mixed with sheer inspiration.

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Guest: Dr. Ken Hemphill

Ken Hemphill has pastored churches throughout the Southeast and has served as a denominational leader within the Southern Baptist Convention for twenty years as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and National Strategist for Empowering Kingdom Growth. He is presently the special assistant to the president for denominational relations at North Greenville University.