Set My Heart On Fire – Part II




Guest: J. Lee Grady

Steps for Deeper Intimacy With The Father:
You must discover your identity as a child of God – The Holy Spirit helps us understand whom we belong to: His name is Abba the Hebrew word for “Daddy” or “Papa”.
You must throw out all old religious mind-set
s – We have been conditioned by harsh sermons, rote prayers, etc. to believe that God is very distant, always angry and too busy…to take notice of us.
You must accept the forgiveness you’ve already been given – God forgave you with a gushing heart of love. He doesn’t just tolerate you; He delights in you!
You must bring your hidden shame out of the close
t – The more transparent you are with others, the freer you will be from your past. You can confess your secret sins to another person, so that you may be healed (James 5:16).
You must be healed from your own issues with your parents – The word “father” for some people, conjures up painful memories. Let the Holy Spirit show you that your heavenly Daddy is strong, compassionate, accepting, gentle, kind and faithful.