The Immeasurable Spirit- Lessons Of A Wounded Warrior About Faith And Perseverance

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There have been several books written by and about service members that have served during the Iraq War. “The Immeasurable Spirit: Lessons of a Wounded Warrior about Faith and Perseverance”, was superbly written by an author with the personal insight and experience of a person who has faced and overcome tremendous adversity. Latoya Lucas brings us face to face with our inner- selves while simultaneously sharing her experiences of perseverance and faith even after suffering severe wounds from her service with the U.S. Army in Iraq. Why is it that some people are able to overcome their fears and persevere through life’s adversities? By reading Latoya’s story, you will come to understand how a person with faith and determination could rely on that faith when tested during an unbelievable hardship. Tom Brokaw, journalist and NY Times bestselling author,says “The Immeasurable Spirit” is a remarkable story of patriotism, courage, near death, recovery and inspiration.”

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Latoya Lucas