The Most Powerful Voice In Your Life -Learn To Tame Your Self-Talk- Part I




Guest: Phil Willingham

Six Things To Keep In Mind As You Begin To Change Your Thought Patterns

1. Change always starts in the mind. Our behavior changes when our thinking changes.
2. To change our minds, we must change our beliefs. We must confront our thoughts and speak truth from God’s Word.
3. Behind every sin, there is a lie that we believe. We can be deceived by self talk. Don’t believe the lies Satan whispers to you.
4. Trying to change someone’s behavior without changing his beliefs is a waste of time.
Repentance means coming to God and saying, “The way I’ve been thinking about You, Lord …about myself and others …about my life, isn’t right. I’m going to change. I’m going to think the way You want me to about everything.”
5. We don’t change people’s minds. The applied Word of God does. When you know the truth, it’s the truth you know and apply to your life that will change you.
6. Changing our motives, attitudes, thoughts, words and actions is the fruit of repentance. Dwell on the truths from God’s Word that will change your thinking – make them a part of your thinking and your life.