Trail of Fire: True Stories From Ten of the Most Powerful Moves of God

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With compelling, page-turning stories never before heard—some from the library of late evangelist Steve Hill—Trail of Fire describes moments in history when people encountered God and went on to transform their communities.

A fresh revival is coming.
Daniel Norris engages readers with themes and foundational principles related to revival. Each chapter reads like a novel rather than a historical treatise and provides action steps that readers can implement to cultivate and sustain revival in their lives and spheres of influence.

Now is the time for those who hunger for renewal in their spiritual lives and are tired of the dull, dry routine of religious motion to boldly seek God for a revival in their land.



Daniel K. Norris, founder and head of Daniel K. Norris Ministries, served alongside Steve Hill for more than a decade and continues to be associated with his ministry, though Steve passed away in March 2014. Norris has been instrumental in bringing the message of revival and repentance to the nations. A true son of the Brownsville Revival, Norris helped launch a church in Dallas, a ministry training school, and a youth conference that has reached millions worldwide.