Choosing The Extraordinary Life Part II Fact Sheet




The Secrets of True Significance
1. Discover Your Unique Purpose – Each of us has a unique purpose that answers the question,
“Why has God placed me in this world?”
2. Determine To Influence Your Culture – God has left us on earth to influence the world, not to
isolate ourselves from it.
3. Wait On God’s Timing – God’s most significant people learned how to wait, even if they had to wait
a long time.
4. Burn the Ships – If you decide to pursue an extraordinary life, then where will come a time when
you must be prepared to go all in-eliminating the possibility of retreat.
5. Unleash the Power of Prayer – You can do nothing of significance until you have prayed.
6. Learn How to Handle Bad Days – You and I are going to have experiences – periods of time when
we doubt the goodness, the wisdom or even the existence of God.
7. Live With the End in View – People who live extraordinary lives live each day as if it were their last
and make adequate preparations to ensure their godly legacy will outlast them