Fact Sheet – True Wealth Part I



Every Christian is called to some purpose, and an incredible destiny awaits all who seek the Lord.  Those who are called to the field of commerce are called not only for themselves, but for what they can accomplish in the transfer of wealth into the kingdom of God. Obviously, people have achieved success, and will continue to do so without God and without special heavenly help.  But for Christians, success without God and receiving glory for it is no success at all. I believe we Christians carry a greater sense of responsibility than others to take our ideas and concepts more seriously, and pursue business plans that keep popping up in our heads.  Consider that these ideas may not be just a fluke, but God’s gentle nudge to help us move forward in our life journey toward success. After all, we are doing it for all the people who will be touched directly and indirectly by our business ventures.

+++Taken from True Wealth: How to Fulfill Your Dreams Without Losing Your Soul by Mani Erfan+++