God’s Plan For Your You Fact Sheet




Basic Steps Vital In Your Everyday Walk With The Lord And What He Desires From You

  1. You must have a relationship with Him.
  2. You must maintain your relationship and have a “want to” buckled around your waist.
  3. You cannot be successful without commitment.
  4. Think of your relationship with the Lord as a “key” that unlocks your opportunities and blessings as well as a way of life that is strong, confident and fulfilling. Your plan is your entire life that God   hung in Heaven before you were born.
  5. Your plan is holding opportunities: a situation, person or something that is different from normal.
  6. Step out and He will equip you. God can then release the necessary equipment you will need to complete the plan.
  7. Complete the mission: Be prepared to be used in different ways.

+++Taken from God’s Plan For Your – Are You Ready? by Art Hall+++